Marcelo Amorim: The Hot LGBTQ Artist Right Now! 


Marcelo Amorim’s art reflects on how far in historical terms the media has gone in its portrayal of LGBTQ life. His Queer art is incredibly talented in depicting how this portrayal has been built from the homophobic perspective of binary societies. 

For decades, shuttered around the world, LGBTQ+ culture has shown resilience to the negative depiction of such culture in newspapers, magazines, and books; that instead preferred to glorify the normative macho man…and Amorim’s artworks throw light on this media narrative with unshakable candour.  



Bring the binary down…let’s burn it to the ground: Amorim’s exhorts us with his artistic narrative.  

If you are tired to see that the art world does not offer a space to your ‘niche’ and that it is hard to find a Gay art gallery which shows art that is in line with your taste, lifestyle purpose and orientation in life…look no further!  

At Arrière-Garde we recognise that Queer artists are astonishingly outstanding and that people from your community are the geniuses that lead fields from fine art, fashion, design, styling and many more creative areas! 

These geniuses have been feeding the taste, purchase behaviours and consumer desires of glamorous females and powerful males…yes, but the majority are straight. It is time to address that the members of the LGBTQ community are not only amazing producers of art, fashion, design and the likes…but also consumers and users that must have their own vision and way of life met.  



The art world has been engaged with LGBTQ+ emancipation and validation, and Amorim does it is his specific way. This artist both points a reproaching finger to the normative processes in society that shape the heterosexual, domineering and oppressive male. And adopts a visual imagery in which any gender identity is permitted, liberated and celebrated. 

Ten years ago, Lady Gaga became a global star at a time when the pop charts were politically sanitised. She was a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ rights both on and off the stage, but her vocal support for the queer community and her own bisexuality didn’t hamper her success. Why should sexual orientation hamper anybody’s success? Amorim’s art clearly asks us. 

What artist Marcelo Amorim has done for his generation and the one to follow with his art is equal to what Gaga did, and in line with what David Bowie did twenty years early for his own. 






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