In this manual, we will initiate you into an Art Metaverse world on the move.

You will find case studies, learn key terms and about the shifts that the Metaverse revolution brought to the art world and beyond.

Thanks to AI, VR, and XR technologies collectors are enjoying art in new immersive ways. Artists and Galleries are exploring new ways of exhibiting and selling artworks.
Digital 3D worlds offer so many advantages and opportunities that the Metaverse is redefining even what it means to be an artist and what an artwork is made of.

A good way to start collecting or to expand your current art collection through a fresh perspective, and by selecting from a virtually endless and all-comprehensive archive of interesting artworks, is to go online and Google ‘Metaverse art gallery’.

We are a Metaverse art gallery: a cutting-edge one which has embraced the future and new ways of showing art through the technological possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR). We proud ourselves of being innovators and we want to share our knowledge with you!

The world of VR exhibitions is expanding. Therefore, artists are increasingly  joining Metaverse art galleries to exhibit their work, particularly the most innovative, high-tech and visionary ones. The trend is so massive and relevant that even mega global galleries and hyper traditional auction houses are beginning to exploit these venues by relocating their exhibition spaces (the so called ‘white cubes’) to the Metaverse.

The migration of the big players of the art market to the virtual world is what is primarily responsible for the rise of interest in this category. For instance, in the Voltaire Art District of the famous Metaverse platform called Decentraland, Sotheby’s has opened a virtual art gallery. Unfortunately, starting an art collection by browsing in the Sotheby’s Metaverse will require a six-figure budget per pop, as it is hard to find items under a million in places like that.



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