We know that not all collectors buy art for the same reasons. What motivates an art collector depends on his/her personality, individual history, inner passions, and take on art production; both historical and contemporary. 

Most devoted art collectors are people who truly love and value the pieces that they purchase. They want to live with art and appreciate it on a regular basis. They understand the basic principle of ‘what’ art is, and, above all, ‘when’ art is truly art.  

If an art collector understands only ‘what’ art is, he/she may be ok with the idea of having artworks hidden away in private storage rooms where the art is nowhere to be seen. Whereas if an art collector is aware of ‘when’ art is, he /she fully understands that art is truly art not for what it is, but when it is out there to be experienced, looked at, and praised as a generator of thoughts, emotions and feelings.  

Art collectors are overwhelmingly purchasing online in order to acquire art to live with it. According to recent surveys, about 75% plus of collectors buy art to decorate their homes. Even for investment-minded collectors, this was the most frequently cited driver to buy art. The motivation here appears to be deeply personal in its origins: 67% of collectors—the second-largest group—reported buying art to provide a source of inspiration in their daily lives. 

At Arriere-Garde Art we know that art is the by-product of being human, and that art is art when it is for human beings to share and experience.