How do Gen-X, Millennials and Gen-Z differ from the older and more traditional generations of art collectors, such as the affluent Baby-Boomers?

At Arriere-Garde, we know that particularly Millennials and Gen-z’s behaviour greatly differs from that of the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers, who although have a much higher budget and can afford top-segment six-figures artworks, are resistant to online buying.

These generations are revolutionising the art system, they are pushing for a democratisation of the market, for innovation...and they are so avant-garde in this sense! For the first time, we are seeing art collectors who do not abide by the artworld rules and, instead, who are the true impetus for change!

Millennial collectors, besides their developed awareness towards environmental and ethically viable lifestyle solutions, lead art market sales, spending 6 times more than Baby Boomers.  We admire younger generations for holding these important values, and at Arriere-Garde we share the same ethical concerns, Our artists are also truly engaged with preservation, social equality and the call for making of our planet a better world.

See for instance the work of Brazilian artist CONRADO ZANOTTO, who creates eco-friendly art works that allow collectors to experience the integration between humankind and nature.



Millennials and Gen Z are both aware of their agency in terms of sustainability, climate change and social factors, and the most willing to buy art online. At Arriere-Garde, we totally relate to them as we are as tech-savvy and interested in preservation and ecology as they are!

They are those most likely to tap into the large majority of online art sales, which belong to the more affordable and mid-price segments of a long-standing exclusivist and class-based art market. Millennials and Gen-Z are most likely to apply their social and environmental awareness whilst exploring the art collecting experience. As opposed to the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers, they are the type of person that for sure is not familiar with the long-standing habit of attending snobbish private views at art galleries or populating the pretentious rooms of an auction house.

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