You may want to buy art for decorative purposes, as an investment, or for a love and passion for the arts. Whichever the reason, building a strong art collection requires time and knowledge. 

In this article, we share an essential advice on how to collect in a contemporary art world that is undergoing a modernisation process that allows it to look like a much less intimidating and daunting space.  



With the elitism and snobbery of the old art world being despised by the young generations of collectors, and the transparency and ease to browse, explore, learn and buy that digital art platforms have brought to the sector, the main qualities you need to possess to start collecting are an open mind and some curiosity. 

However, we understand that buying your first artwork may still sound like a difficult task and expensive interest, especially if you don’t know what to buy, where to buy, or how to buy within your budget. Believe us, there are many ways to build an impressive art collection without breaking the bank whilst simultaneously having an intense and rewarding experience. 

With no doubt, what has contributed to make of art collecting an easier and less pricey process is the digitisation of the art industry. In fact, art lovers and young collectors now have access to wide ranging advisors and artists from the comfort of their own home. With the chance to connect with artworks, artists and everything in between, collecting art has never been so easy.  

A good way to start collecting through a fresh perspective and by selecting from a virtually endless and all-comprehensive archive of interesting artworks is to go online and Google ‘metaverse art gallery’. Metaverse art galleries are cutting edge ones which have embraced the future and new ways of showing art through the technological possibilities of Virtual reality (VR). We are proud of being one of them!  

Many metaverse platforms are introducing gallery spaces. In these spaces, art curators and dealers are pushing the boundaries of what an art exhibition can look like, creating original narratives beyond the NFT art media and including virtual versions of physical artworks, such as paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures; which can be seen in the virtual world from the comfort of your desk or sofa before being purchased online as real objects to be enjoyed in the material world. 


What is the Metaverse and how does it work? 


The Metaverse defies precise description and is typically thought of as a network of 3-D virtual digital environments. The best way to understand it in a nutshell is to imagine it like the internet of today in virtual reality.  

The most certain aspect of the Metaverse is that it is a virtual space where you, among other users, can communicate, transact commerce, and establish social bonds using your digital ‘avatar’. 

Users of the Metaverse are represented by their avatars. They are an individual’s Metaverse identity, enabling users to participate in a variety of adventures and activities. In other words, an avatar is an image that you use to identify yourself online, and many platforms will allow you to personalise it and make it look and dress like you do in real life. 

The quality of avatars is a main topic of discussion in the industry, following feedback on quality at events such as Metaverse Fashion Week (which happened in Decentraland and that had 108,000 special visitors). Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg lately faced criticism over the quality of avatars in his new digital experiences. 

Metaverse galleries and art exhibits took off a couple of years ago or so as a logical response to the pandemic’s seclusion. Since then, users have been enjoying interacting with one another and building stronger connections with art in the virtual domain. Most importantly, and regardless of their geographic locations, artists and fans have been interacting in this perfect virtual environment. You may consider getting a VR headgear to have a better immersive experience or exploring exhibitions by meeting family and friends physically located all over the Planet in a single Metaverse art show. The Metaverse can certainly help you building your art collection fast whilst allowing you to bond with the global artistic community as well as with new and old friends.  


Arrière-Garde in The Metaverse 


We are a Metaverse Art Gallery which believes in a new future for the Art World in the Post-Digital Era. 

We push the boundaries of Contemporary Art by curating VR exhibitions with art works by exceptional talents who are socially, ethically, and politically committed to the making of a more equal, sustainable and fair World. 

Our Programme of Virtual Reality Exhibitions explores the most current and pressing matters in a globalised human hub. 

We are for Art Collectors interested in technology, social equality, ecology, scientific development, and alternative perspectives which improve the prospects of Planet Earth. 

In recent years, there has been a democratisation of the collecting world, and a trend against the remoteness of the ‘white cube’ and its sense of snobbism and exclusivity. We support and promote this process, as the collector’s space has expanded to a younger, engaged, and aware audience. 

For us, Art in the Metaverse, and online sales, are tools for the democratisation of visual culture and the most effective and far-reaching way to connect collectors with artists. For information and art advisory contact us: | +44 (7) 388 031491, or visit  

All the art shown in our Metaverse Exhibition Programme can be acquired in our Online Salerooms. Opening soon in February 2023 at