If you are young and therefore you belong to Generation Z, be aware that the highly respected art newspaper ‘The Art Market’ states that your generation ‘account for 32% of the population (and 40% of consumers), nudging Gen Z ahead of the relatively senile 22 to 37-year-old Millennials.  
Combining your generation’s purchasing power with the influence it has over the spending habits of your parents leads experts to conclude an indirect potential spend of $3bn in the art market that make you very palatable as a client. Hence do not be shy and go out there looking for your ideal artworks with no fear: art galleries, art advisors and consultants, and auction houses will look after you. Feel free to stop thinking that they will look after your old folks and take them more seriously than you.  
Many art businesses are aware that the older members of your generation are about to finish university and to join a post-global pandemic labour market, which adds to Generation Z lower buying power. Therefore, the art sector has benchmark prices specifically developed for you.  
We advise you to look for Galleries and Online Action Houses and Salesrooms who predominantly sell to client under the age of 40, and that will offer you a price point of about £ 400 to 600: the same amount you will spend in a very nice pair of shoes or a low-end designer handbag. For instance, even the blue-chip global auction house Phillips, which sells artworks for millions, had an online-only auction programme named ‘Unbound’ targeting the youngest collectors and which sold art from US$ 375 to 750.  


Why You Should Start Collecting   

1 – Build Your Story 
Curating your art collection is a means of self-expression which reflects your individual personality and story. According to Hiscox 's 2019 report, 95% of young collector's art purchases is based on the emotional benefits. As you develop your style and gain confidence in dabbling into new mediums or quirkier artists, you will find your own voice in the process. Your acquisitions are a direct reflection of your life journey. This way, your art collection will tell your personal story and will be part of the legacy you will leave to your generations to come.  
Buying an artwork by artists of your home country keeps your heritage alive and offers you your very own piece of home on your walls. There is no better way to keep our roots and life journey alive and/or to express a cosmopolitan and borderless mentality and lifestyle than through the artworks that you collect. 
2 – Home s a Temple to Art
Collecting art that you can enjoy at home reinforces your sense of identity, whatever home is to you. You will start to see your home as a reservoir of personal and cultural meaning, as a beacon of visual experience for guests, and a learning and formative narrative in the field of history of art for your children.  
As your collection grows and turns your home into a temple to art, you will develop a clear vision on the knowledge base, and social and educational function that your home spreads out whilst you share your artworks with other members of your family and with friends.  
Over time, you will consider how the art you buy enriches your personal space and nourishes the soul of those that you welcome in it. No doubt, you will end up worshipping your art. 
3 – Grow & Gain Through the Artist  
The road to art collecting is paved with knowledge that expands your horizon beyond your walls. As they say, knowledge is power…and financial profit too! 
When you buy from emerging artists, you are accessing artworks at an affordable price, while directly contributing to their growth and career. Creating this early relationship is rewarding. And you may be supporting an artist development whilst buying artwork cheaper than your latest iPhone (it also lasts much longer too!). Maybe this way you will end up buying the from next Andy Warhol, and see the exponential increase of your initial investment. 
Though investment purposes may not be the main reason for buying original art, it does not hurt when a piece you bought ten years ago has doubled in value. Always a fun bonus in the journey of art collecting! 
A B O U T  U S 
We are a Metaverse Art Gallery which believes in a new future for the Art World in the Post-Digital Era. 
We push the boundaries of Contemporary Art by curating VR exhibitions with art works by exceptional talents who are socially, ethically, and politically committed to the making of a more equal, sustainable and fair World. 
Our Programme of Virtual Reality Exhibitions explores the most current and pressing matters in a globalised human hub. 
We are for Art Collectors interested in technology, social equality, ecology, scientific development, and alternative perspectives which improve the prospects of Planet Earth. 
In recent years, there has been a democratisation of the collecting world, and a trend against the remoteness of the ‘white cube’ and its sense of snobbism and exclusivity. We support and promote this process, as the collector’s space has expanded to a younger, engaged, and aware audience. 
For us, Art in the Metaverse, and online sales, are tools for the democratisation of visual culture and the most effective and far-reaching way to connect collectors with artists.  
All the art shown in our Metaverse Exhibition Programme can be acquired in our Online Salerooms. Opening soon in February 2023 at www.arrieregarde.co.uk