You may want to buy art for decorative purposes, as an investment, or for a love and passion for the arts. Whichever the reason, building a strong art collection requires time and knowledge. 
We want to share the TOP 3 fundamental and essential tips on HOW, WHAT, and WHY to collect in a contemporary art world that is undergoing a modernisation process that allows it to look like a much less intimidating and daunting space.  
With the elitism and snobbery of the old art world being despised by the young generations of collectors, and the transparency and ease to browse, explore and learn that digital art platforms have brought to the sector, the main qualities you need to possess to start collecting are an open mind and some curiosity. 
However, we understand that buying your first artwork may still sound like a difficult task and expensive interest, especially if you don’t know what to buy, where to buy, or how to buy within your budget. Believe us, there are many ways to build an impressive art collection without breaking the bank whilst simultaneously having an intense and rewarding experience. 
With no doubt, what has contributed to make of art collecting an easier and less pricey process is the digitisation of the art industry. In fact, art lovers and young collectors now have access to wide ranging artists from the comfort of their own home. With the chance to connect with artworks, artists and everything in between, collecting art has never been so easy.  
1. HOW TO BUY ART: Emotional Investment 
Curating your art collection is a means of self expression which reflects your individual personality. The emotions evoked with acquiring an artwork are deeply personal, whether you identify with the subject or if the colours take your breath way, that deep connection between you and the artwork you buy is priceless. According to Hiscox 's 2019 report, 95% of young collector's art purchases is based on the emotional benefits. If you buy original artwork, you automatically ensure your collection is only made up of the worthiest pieces.
Emotional reaction and cerebral challenge come hand in hand with art collecting - it’s the added bonus beyond the aesthetics! 
2. WHAT ART TO BUY: Originality is Paramount 
An original artwork makes your space yours. How often have you noticed the same Ikea artwork in friends’ living rooms? The originality of the piece evokes more of your personality in your home and makes you just as unique as your artwork. Some people express themselves through what they wear or what they do, while others collect interesting things that say just as much about themselves. Have fun with it! 
3. WHY TO BUY ART: Build your 'Story'   
As you develop your style and gain confidence in dabbling into new mediums or quirkier artists, you will find your own voice in the process. Your acquisitions are a direct reflection of your life journey. This way, your art collection will tell your personal story and will be part of the legacy you will leave to your generations to come. The story you tell through your art collection can remind you of your origins if you are an expat; it can reflect your interest in travelling, culture and a particular sport...the choice is yours, and it is certainly a rich and rewarding one. 
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